Post: Insider’s Guide to Keeping Your Cornish Holiday Rental Sparkling Clean

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Keep Your Cornish Holiday Rental Sparkling Clean: Insider Tips

Cornwall’s captivating beauty, from its dramatic cliffs and hidden coves to charming villages brimming with character, makes it a dream holiday destination. After a day of exploring secluded beaches, sampling delectable Cornish pasties, and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, returning to a clean and inviting holiday rental truly elevates your experience.

While professional cleaning services from South West PCM ensure a spotless welcome upon arrival, maintaining that sparkling clean feeling throughout your stay is easy with a few insider tips. Here’s how to keep your Cornish holiday home feeling fresh and welcoming:

  • Conquer the Sand Monster: Cornwall’s stunning beaches are a major draw, but sandy toes can quickly track indoors. Create a designated “beach zone” by the entrance. This could include a basket for sandy shoes and towels, a sturdy doormat outside to trap the worst of the sand, and another absorbent doormat inside to catch any strays. A quick vacuum at the end of the day keeps the sand at bay and prevents it from embedding in carpets and furniture.
  • Embrace the “No Shoes Inside” Rule: Implementing a “no shoes inside” policy is a simple yet effective way to minimise dirt and dust tracked in from outdoors. Offer guests cosy slippers or socks to feel comfortable at home. This small step significantly reduces the amount of dirt and allergens tracked throughout the house.
  • Kitchen Clean-Ups: A Daily Habit: Don’t let post-meal messes build up. Wash dishes promptly to avoid attracting unwanted visitors. Wipe down surfaces after cooking to prevent grease build-up, and empty the bins regularly to maintain a hygienic and pleasant kitchen environment.
  • Utilise Laundry Facilities: Most holiday rentals come equipped with laundry facilities. Take advantage of them! Toss sandy towels, swimwear, and beach blankets in a wash after a day at the beach. This keeps the sandy evidence of fun days out contained and prevents sand from spreading throughout the house.
  • Daily Disinfecting Wipes: A quick wipe down of surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen with disinfectant wipes helps prevent the spread of germs and keeps the space feeling fresh. Pay particular attention to high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls.
  • Respect the “Leave No Trace” Principle: Cornwall’s natural beauty is a treasure to be cherished. Dispose of rubbish responsibly and avoid leaving food scraps or spills behind when venturing outdoors for picnics or BBQs. This not only keeps your holiday home clean but also ensures a pristine environment for future visitors and wildlife.

Pro Tip: Maximise Relaxation with Professional Cleaning

While these tips help maintain cleanliness during your stay, returning to a professionally cleaned holiday home offers a whole new level of relaxation. South West PCM provides top-tier holiday home cleaning services in Cornwall. Our professional cleaners ensure a deep clean, refreshing your space and allowing you to focus on enjoying your well-deserved Cornish escape. Imagine returning from a day of adventures to a sparkling clean kitchen, gleaming bathrooms, and fresh linens – pure bliss!

Focus on creating lasting memories in magical Cornwall – South West PCM can handle the cleaning!

We hope these insider tips help you maintain a clean and inviting haven throughout your Cornish holiday. Now get out there, explore the hidden gems, indulge in the local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories in this captivating corner of England!


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